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Emergency Services

The Reno-Tahoe area is our home. So when our neighbors need us, we respond. Our tie to the community along with our resources, including large equipment and skilled, dedicated operators, allow us to help out in times of severe flooding, wild fires and other natural disasters. We are also experienced in handling emergency situations like sewer repair,

bridge retrofitting and sink holes.

Public Utility

Give us your dirtiest, obstacle-ridden, middle-of-the-night public work utility job. We’ll give you the know-how, the manpower, the equipment and the attitude to make your job run smoothly. Where most contractors shy away, Reno Tahoe Construction shines because we love a good challenge. We handle new installations, rehabilitation and specialty work like sewer lining. And since we are a complete sitework contractor, we not only do the pipe work and underground construction, we also take care of the excavation, grading and paving.


Major downtown areas in our region are working diligently on revitalization. Before new construction can begin, older, structurally compromised buildings and infrastructure need to be taken down and cleared from the site. Reno Tahoe Construction is well adept at

demolishing small to medium size commercial structures as well as residential structures. We can tackle multi-story buildings, underground tunnels, roads, highways, bridges, abutments, concrete pads and more. And because we’re mindful of the environment, we recycle most of

the materials we demo for use on future construction projects.


Reno Tahoe Construction has added contract mining and mining support to their capabilities toolbox. Due to the expansion of mining in Northern Nevada they have taken the efficiencies acquired in the public and private market to the mining sector. RTC is your one stop shop for any and all size of projects.

Private Residential & Commercial Projects

We offer the complete site package, including site grading, utilities, paving and concrete for private subdivisions, condominiums and apartments as well as commercial and industrial sites. We have the people, the experience, the resources and a long list of satisfied customers to prove we can handle your project with care, expertise and vision.

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